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CMS Mambo project, Holiday house in Siegsdorf (Chiemgau), rented by the week, cycling, ramble, sun-bathing, very calmly in a harmonious landscape (Air health resort, mountain tours), Inzell, Salzburg, Chiemsee

Lufthansa technical Training
Programming the Training Finder: Training Finder searches for active training courses in the whole trust and displays them in multiple categories. Total conception of the portal: Mediaface GmbH.

Werbepress Verlags GmbH
CRM Office Program: Replacement of a DOS based office application for publishing companies in Visual Basic 6.0 with Interfaces for Pagemaker, an accounting program (FIBU) and several printing interfaces directly and with serial letter writing by MS Word. (Werbepress Verlags GmbH) (Die blaue Suchmaschine). Required was to build a dynamic search robot engine. Behind an entry page a Java servlet takes over. The main search is in a branch index where the branches of your neighborhood are displayed with address, telefon, fax and if existant email and web. A beginning for further searches are the categories Spiele (games), Reisen (travelling) and Krempelshop (market). The servlet is free configurable so that further searches can be incorporated without much programming. Addresses that lead to the same site are:
The site was created with the help of Elecom Software Private Limited in Kolkata, India. Toon products by Elecom: Elecom Toons or newer: Elecom Blog Toons
In 2003 the site has been re-designed to PHP with mySQL.

H.-D. Dickmann & Partner
StartUp Coaching
Consultancy for small and medium-sized businesses
Management on contract time
Asset management service (on business and private) Insolvency management

Ute Eisenberg
Artists presentation with images and galleries. Movements, build-up tricks.
Homepage is discontinued (2011), Viewing on demand, Internet Wayback Archive 2007:

IT consulting and recruiting Jalandhar City, Indien
RHEIN-MAIN TECHNOLOGY opened its first office in Punjab
Homepage is discontinued (2004), Viewing on demand

Traditionae Thai massage in classical ambience!
Thai massage is a tradition which was transmitted for many hundred years from generation to generation.
Homepage is discontinued (2004), Viewing on demand

Pilgrimage church Hl. Blut
Church history of Heilig Blut (Holy Blood), Erding Hl.Blut and the parish of St.Johann in pictures
Homepage is discontinued (2003), Viewing on demand

Clariant (Schweiz) AG (Global Headquarters)
Programming in Visual Basic 6.0 an Energy Management program consisting of 8 modules. The program was made to keep track of all material and financial transactions made by the organization. Development of a GUI based application where the user inputs are monitored, manipulated and integrated to generate billing reports.

The data is integrated with the SAP network through an interface. Crystal Reports, ActiveX controls and a help file were incorporated. Connection to different MS applications was made through OLE & reports were made in Crystal Reports and MS Access.

Daimler Chrysler
The program is developed for park houses maintained by Daimler Chrysler. The program consists of a multi threaded main server which controls the Parker entering the park house, controlling signals, controlling other hardware devices like barriers & doors, maintaining counting of cars etc.

The other part of the program consists of a client software that is used to show the counting details, controls entry limits, booking Parker timings and system reset. Development of dynamic Web pages for online (Real-time) booking of parking spaces in the park house. The data is stored in the database and the program dynamically creates the web pages. The user can input the booking time if available which is stored in the database. The main server allows the Parker in on the time booked.

Festo AG
Festo Design Tool (plus surface and surface VDA-PS for automitive industry)

Geometry generation of pneumatic cylinders which were loaded into DLL's and interfaced with a VC++ Graphical User Interface (Festo datagraphic). Developing of a tool called FestoManager which helped the user to choose any language and manipulate any data of the parent application. Transferring the geometry parameters into DXF, IGES & MI formats for viewing in AUTOCAD, 3D View & ME10 interface of UNIX. Interconversion of formats was also implemented. ZAF 5.3 libraries were used to create the GUI through C++. Implementation of OOP concepts.

Rapp Polymere
Controlling of a reactor system (I/O card programming, Real Time System) Program for filling a vial automat for synthezising chemical products (Polymers); additionally programm control for the total reaction with commands for the single processes (Visual Basic).

University Tübingen
The program was created for chemical materials for waste disposal Analysis and building of Software support with input, Administration and Reporting as well as Statistics on database tables with user-friendly surface in MS Access.